The Incobotics project is near to end and also Apro Formazione is doing the pilot test of all the materials. Around 25 students are enrolled in the test with good results! Apro has involved two different courses in the pilot course: the EQF3 level “Operatore Elettrico – Automazione Industriale” (Electrical operator – Industrial automation) and the EQF4 level “Tecnico per l’automazione industriale – Programmazione e manutenzione” (Industrial automation Technician – Programming and maintenance)

The first part of the pilot test was structured with the online course study using the TM Omron Cobot and the self assessment tools prepared on the online platform. After the theoretical part the students was divided in groups to develop cobot applications following the challenge guide.

The best result was an application where a pallet was charged with mixed products (same shape and different colours) on a loading system controlled by a brushless motor. After a step-loading sequence the Cobot identify the position and the colour of pieces with AV application then pick and place them in different pallets.

Apro Formazion pilots the training modules with students