Collaborative Robots (CO-BOTS) are next generation manufacturing machines that are programmed to perform detailed routine, repetitive, difficult or dangerous tasks in a more flexible and effective way than current systems.

Moving away from delimited caged areas and limited linear trajectories, CO-BOTS are able to undertake a wide variety of complex tasks (such as intelligent sorting, inspection, inventory, repair etc.) thanks to their sensory camera based on artificial vision and due to being a programmable intelligent machine.

Main advantages:

  • The removal of robots from expensive safety cages
  • Smaller size and increased flexibility (both physical and in their programming)
  • Effective 3D recognition of objects and persons along with suitable responses
  • Evaluation of results
  • Inventory analysis
  • Freeing workers from repetitive and dangerous tasks
  • Increased Return On Investment and decreased Idle Time.
  • Affordability and potential for SMEs.

For unlocking the full potential of this innovation, Industrial Robotics teaching staff and students need simple and clear materials to use in the classroom and keep pace with the fast changing reality of the sector.

The INCOBOTICS project is an Erasmus+ programme that unites four EU partners from France, Italy, Greece and Spain in the development of innovative didactic materials in cobotics.

The project’s main objectives are:

  • Raise awareness and prepare students and staff to participate in the evolution of Industry – Industry 5.0
  • Enhance pool of future skilled workers (close the skills gap and improve employability
  • Increase collaboration between Industry and Educational Centres