The INCOBOTICS Best Practice Guide for Staff which includes pedagogical support and frames the INCOBOTICS Module in the Challenge Based Learning (CBL) Methodology.

The Guide will include:

  • Simple, tested guidelines for implementing the INCOBOTICs Module based around 4 core programming challenges mirroring real world engineering tasks. The framework will give insight into Challenge Based Learning (CBL) and step by step support in implementing the method. Tools provided will allow staff users to adapt or develop new challenges for students. The method encourages staff and external consultants (Industry 5.0 experts) to work together to support learning.
  • ECT accreditation guide for the INCOBOTICS units/module. Principles can be extracted to support accreditation of other units/module which teachers design in the course of their work.
  • 4 tested programming challenges created transnationally using different COBOTs

The INCOBOTICs Module and Guide are aimed at EQF level 5+ engineering students and technicians in automation and will be available in open source learning format.

All the course materials will be made available via the project website and will be freely accessible; any HE/technical training staff, organization, student, worker or trainee across Europe will be able to access and benefit from the materials.